Monday, March 28, 2011

A Scrapbooking Bug Has Rested In My Hand

Now I have done scrapbooking only a few times and the pages are a little embarrassing so we wont show them here, but this weekend my mother was supposed to be going on a 3 day scrapbooking camp, that is until she broke her arm on Tuesday.  I was going to join her at camp for a day to see what happens at these things with these crazy women obsessed with paper and oodles of craft supplies (Ive seen my mother pack before!)  So to save poor Mum from tears we had a scrapbooking camp at home and spent Saturday having a play.....and I loved it! eek!  Here is what I produced, it takes a long time!

'Sugar and Spice'

not sure who is who, but maybe we both demonstrate these qualities!

'Here Fishy Fishy'

'Little Miss Indi'
always a pleasent little lady! not!

'This Little Piggy'
I loved making the fence for this one from copper wire and bark

I am obsessed with Shona Coles style of photo edge scratching, no photo is now safe

so deary it a scrapbooker I could be?
Well I thoroughly enjoyed camp hehe and look forward to October when we go again, well when she will go again.

Who knows of some scrap bloggers with great ideas?? I love to see women do work that dont require alot of gadgets and stamps.

And thankyou soo much for the birthday wishes, they were well felt, now I have a little girls peter pan birthday to plan, flow ideas flow.

I know I am MIA but my blogger just isnt working, it wont let me attach any photos, they publish as single dots???  anyway I have been working on a new story for you and the photo shoot is proving a bit hard as everything requires perfect timing from nature..

and today I picked up some treats from the engravers to be for sale, I know you will love them, but I cant resist taking the perfect photos for them too!!!

So I will get clicking and see you again soon.

love to you all


  1. third time lucky!! I have no idea what happened here but have been trying to publish this since sunday....finally Yay!!

  2. Sheree, I'm so sorry your mother broke her arm, but what a wonderful result you had when you scrap booked with her. I think you're a natural! I must say, I've never scrap booked, and I understand the way you felt about it, but you do have a way with design that is really lovely.

  3. These are wonderful pages...I really need to finish up Maggie's 4th book...then I think I'm done with Full out Scrapping for a while...haha!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom! I bet it tickled her heart to have her "camp" with you :)

  4. Sorry your mom broke her arm - sending healing wishes her way. You have a natural talent for scrapping, that's for sure! These pages you've created are so precious and beautiful. And each one has your special stamp on it! :) Can't wait to see the new engraved pieces...take care and I'll chat with you again very soon!!! xoxo Theresa

  5. I love your scrapbook pages! I feel driven to get all my vintage photos in scrapbook albums because I want all the stories told for my grandchildren and great-grandchild. But it's not just the need, I love doing it.


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