Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shop Is Open!!! Get Your 'Gypsy Queen' Garb!!

Its Here!!!
My Etsy Shop is full!
My Gypsy Queen Collection has gone public!

Finally I am sending the clothes that have been my labour of love, out onto the wind
I am vulnerable
I am trusting
I am so happy
I have made it!
and made it happen!

 What a whirlwind January has been in my little green Lady Cave
Now everything is uploaded I can start to relax and just keep on creating beauty
and leave the next step up to you

Lessons in life come from this collection for me
It has shown me that I am capable of anything I can dream up, things are as easy or as hard as you make them.  I made this a love affair that sucked me away from everything, I gave in, I surrendered to what wanted to be created and now it is here.  I have been a social hermit but it is now worth it.
I function best with a focus, before I was doing these clothes I was floundering around constantly wondering where to place myself, unaware of what I wanted to do/be.  Because this is my focus now and it flows so naturally it is completely stress free, HARD work but stress free, so I have been concentrating on my health less and just getting on with life, I think when Im unfocused I can get into a kind of Hypochondriac mode, if your not being anything else you may as well be sick : /
I am ready to move on and expand, times are great, 2012 is here, it has started with a hiss and a roar and I am appreciating and thanking the gods for ALL of it!
I still have lots of work to do this year personally, anxiety wise, and I know I will be completely anxiety free again!  Things are changing, things are moving, its all good, and its all here and been here for a reason! Look at this space we are in!

So take a look, enjoy
Yesterday I finished my Stevie Nicks inspired 'Leather and Lace' bags
there are 7 in total of all sizes so take a look!

to everyone who believes in me and in return believes in the magic inside themselves
there's so much to do
lets do it ALL!!

So much love



  1. So happy for you! I gave you a plug on Twitter :)

  2. You look amazing!!!! I just had to say that right off the bat.....
    I am so proud of you and excited for you.....and I want to just jump up and down cheering you on!!

    You sooooo deserve this....this feeling of bask in the benefits of follow thru and the results of being true to your innermost desires and secret whispers...

    Beautiful Earth Mama Goddess, you!!

    These creations are true wearable art...and bits of all your best qualites!!


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