Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Smell Of Humanity

I used to burn nothing but Sai Baba's Nag Champa
that is until I came across Goloka, its still Nag Champa but actually smells a little better and at only $2 your doing your bit to help the world.
Goloka is made by a non profit organization,
Goloka Seva Trust,
its located in Bangalore and aids charitable activities like
Akshaya Patra Foundation’s mid-day meal programme.
This program is aimed at under-privileged school children and provides 973,000 hygienic nutritious meals across fourteen locations in India every day
Thats nearly a million happy kids every day!!! x
Education and vocational training for widows and they also aid poor students with scholarships.
The special thing about Goloka is that 100% of the proceeds go for charity.
I adore the smell even more knowing whats happening for those kids.
Go and get a box of gold xxx

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