Wednesday, August 5, 2009

weaving a dream

Summer 06 and my friend read my animal cards. My north card which guides me to my wisdom and reminds me to be greatful for every blessing every day is the spider. I only realised this last night, the day after I started making these spider webs from wood, wire and beads.
I had been praying to Saraswati, the hindu god of learning, to help me learn my lessons so I could stop repeating the same mistakes over and over. I needed some wisdom and I needed to start focusing on what I did have and not what I dont. Easier said than done for me.
So the spider in me started creating and here I am a few days later in such a different space, released from the crap that was holding me down.
Creativity is not just making things, its a process that leads to a release that spirals out at the end. bless my calm and empty mind. x

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  1. You are an eternal beam of sunshine Sheree! Your writing is beautiful :) and I love how you desribe the process of creativity....spiralling out... I'm begining to learn this again, once I actually start things! PS. stunning photos


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