Tuesday, November 17, 2009

courtyard roofing and pizza oven creating

our new beautiful roof which has made so much difference to our lives and has only been up for 3 days

rustic gum posts and stained big chunky beams  mmmmm

a wonderful place to sit and enjoy our view, but alas there is much more work to do, on with the pizza oven making, gather friends and let us create something together

Waiaria and Sioux putting down the brick base

Me and Anaya making the sand mound which will become the shape of the inside of dome

mixing up the first layer

all fun and games and great excercise

and we put down a hangi too to feed all the creative workers
Tia and Anaya

yum fresh lamb mmmmm

hangi is ready to descend

rain rain rain, we still work on....

finishing the first layer of the dome

Me and Sioux trying to remember what we had learnt last weekend about the size of the door hhmmmm must be hard, look at that tongue

Bushman Pete cutting the door

Caleb cutting the door

applying the insulating layer

many hands make fun work, the final pretty layer, home made dhajit

I love this stage it is so fun and mushy to apply

Indi playing in spilt cement, thinking "mum...why are you always so busy??"

finishing trowel work

yum yum yum kai is ready mmmm

Indi and Sam having their dinna

the finished product, i put a star trail over the oven diagonally with a cookie cutter and we pressed a tile i brought in thailand into the front, the fire will come up out the door and the buddha will get all black and sooty from the smoke

awesome to have so many people interested in our creative projects and want to be involved in helping each other, love you guys, this was an awesome piece of teamwork
bring on the pizza party

it will be painted and the stars will be gold leafed, for mega sparkle

now i need to find an amazing handle from a junk shop

we have a long drying process to go before we can eat, by xmas it will be all on

Indi having fun pulling all the sand out

Well our poor little miss had a rough time on the weekend trying to fit in around our building projects, when it was all over on monday we had an indi day and did whatever she wanted.  She is obsessed with tomatoes, eating about 10 a day so we took a visit to bushman petes and billys greenhouse and she got to pick a whole basket and eat as many as she wanted.......

like a little happy pig rolling in mud xxx
whew, bring on Mt Mangonui, i need a break  : )


  1. Soooo Cool! It looked like so much fun! We definitely left to soon. Mark has major pizza oven envy!
    Good job She She.

  2. So awesome Sheree! Fantastic job!

  3. What a lovely day babe. Thanks for including us! (Even though we managed about a 10% attendance) See ya for tea tonight. Love Sharl x

  4. cool. I remember going with yall to that guy's house to buy a pizza oven. Look what you did! You made your own! Cool shit. I hope to see it one of these days.

  5. Good times. :) Have you guys used the oven yet? My mom said it looks cool when I sent her photos of the finished piece. hehe. Hope you dudes are well!

  6. Mmmmmm...theres that hangai again...choice!!!


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