Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Firecracker Firecracker Boom Boom Boom

Firecracker Firecracker Boom Boom Boom
Firecracker Firecracker Boom Boom Boom
the boys have got the muscles
the teachers got the brains
the girls have got the sexy legs
and we won the game

anybody remember this one???
I can see myself at about age 6 singing it with a group of girls in Primary School,
good old 6 when you think you know everything!!!

Well the weekend would have been the perfect time to be 6 again because it was Guy Fawkes, november 5th where we light fireworks to honour a man (guy fawkes!) who tried to blow up english parliament with bombs!!
but just like everything else dangerous in this world it has been tapered down to practically nothing.  no more rockets, no double happies and no more spinning wheels  : (


So we made do with modified crackers made into bombs and emergency flares for sky rockets!
run kids run!

This was Indi's first time holding a sparkler, I think they are just a tad hard to comprehend with mummys explanation 
" Ok so hold this little exploding stick but hold it at the bottom and dont touch the glowing part because it will burn and its ok, dont be scared because the sparks wont hurt you but watch out for where the left over glowing red stuff is because that will hurt you.....now have fun!!!!"
dosent she look elated!! haha

Lucky she has a Lucy to help her out!

My favorite firework was the chinese lantern, it used to spin around and in the end a paper lantern dropped down and it glowed from a little flame that was left lit inside it, I used to keep it all year till I got a replacement...

Do you remember your favorite fireworks??



  1. Wow, that little rhyme took me back!

    ....And that look on Indi's face is priceless...haha! Maggie held some sparklers for the first time last 4th of July...a rite of passage, I think, to be grown enough to hold something that spits hot stuff out of it, and have your parents smile while you do it!

    Growing up we had "Cherry Blossoms" you lit them and threw them as they started to spin and change colors....the familiar bzzzzzzz sound as it spun....seemingly forever, changing into what I remember being a whole rainbow of hues....is now, maybe 20 revolutions and 3 quick colors before it's out...

    Fireworks were better when we were kids! That lantern thing sounds amazing!

    Happy Spring to you as we begin our journey into Winter....I know they'll be lots of Beach of Sun in your posts to look forward to :)


  2. I love fireworks... We always keep a little aresenol in our garage in case the urge hits us to light one off. That is the beauty of living in the country. I have always wanted to shoot them off on a beach as I think watching them over water would be gorgeous.

    the old jingle goodness... funny how things like that travel all over the world... blessings to you and yours

  3. You need to come over to our corner of the world! We live in the UK, and have a local firework shop (honestly) that sells proper fireworks called "Bad Boys" and "Sparkle Fury" they were awesome - and we had a double catherine wheel.

  4. What fun! We don't make our own little fireworks, but I love seeing the big displays on the 4th of July here. And on New Year's Eve - they always make me so happy. xoxo Theresa


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