Friday, May 21, 2010

Come Inside My Mind

Hello My Pretties

I dont feel I have much to say here still so I thought I would show you some of my doodles from my healing diary.
After all the tests the doctors can manage it seems diet is not my problem as first thought, I had an extremely stressfull week which brought everything back on again and after much hospital visits and fearful days and nights this 'thing' is my very own breakdown.
All the years of stress, surpressed emotions, unresolved problems and over working have come to bite me on the ass.  I knew they would one day, but had no idea it was going to be this scarey.  So with alot of Reiki and Cranial Therapy all my demons are being released.  A very tiring process. so I will let you in on my artistic journey until Im ready for tales of merry wonderment again.
Enjoy xxx

Thanks for your wonderful supporting messages



  1. Hello Sheree! Thank you for posting...I am happy to hear from you. I hope you are feeling better soon, so we can indulge in many a merry moment together. My thoughts are with you always...Theresa xoxo

  2. So good to hear from you dear... Your art is so moving and so deep. I am glad that you have such an outlet to express. I received my Lilly today.. It is beautiful... I can hardly wait to get it all together. Sending your warm thoughts and well wishes. Blessings to you and yours.... xoxox

  3. Your art is both disturbing and at times hopeful.
    I hope that you are truely on the mend in body and spirit. Sending healing vibes your way, Juliet

  4. Sheree, I am sending you healing thoughts. I am glad you are doing art...I just spent a year studying to be an Art Therapist, and believe me, once the lid is off, all those supressed emotions come bubbling up to the surface...I am still processing everything, and trying to integrate it all into my life...not an easy task. Be gentle with yourself and take as much time as you what if you don't feel like posting - don't...just listen to your soul, and if you want to know more about Art Therapy, email me...I would be happy to share what I have learned x

  5. I agree with Carousel much as I, and the rest of us, await your words....what we yearn for most is for you to feel Magical again... Don't think you need to post to keep our interest....only post if you feel like it!

    We will be here for you, to help in any way we can, thru thoughts and prayers, guidance and support, thick and will always have friends here :o)

  6. Dear Sheree
    So happy that you are on the mend. Be good to yourself, rest, and take what you need. We will be here when you stop for a moment to say hello.
    Warmest regards,

  7. believe in magic and everything will be ok! my fairies are protecting you and every tortured soul...

  8. You're not lost, you're finding your way. Believe this, little one, you will get through this and you will be more. You will feel joy again.

    I had fallen far,
    far into the darkness
    where human spirit could not reach me,
    where I alone exit.
    And when I no longer could bear the pain alone
    I cried out in the darkness
    to a God unknown,
    the One I'd left behind
    in all my foolish pride,
    the One I turned my back on,
    the One from whom I'd hide
    Now gave Himself to me
    and said,
    I set you free.
    I forgive throughout all ages.
    What once was sin
    are now blank pages.
    I see a child in pain, alone.
    I'll pull you close
    and lead you home.

    written by me. See, we've all been there in one way or another...we've all fallen into the darkness. I'm not pushing God or religion on you, heaven knows my church these days is my garden, but a spiritual healing, a spiritual awakening of what is true to your heart. You will have joy again. Sending you all my love on the wings of a desert sparrow, Deb

  9. Dear Sheree, so sorry to hear that the answer you thought you'd found turned out not to be. Be gentle with yourself, do whatever you need to do to be well again, and take as long as you need. You are on Persephone's journey through the underworld, we all take them at sometime in our life, where you go down and within to rediscover who you are, release whatever you no longer need, and finally ascend back into the sunshine strong and well and reborn anew. And thank you for encouraging me to write a blog post about my own underworld journey, I did so on Thursday and I know it was the right thing to do. Sending hugs and good wishes.
    xxx Christina

  10. Even in your pain and distress you are creating beautiful art! I'm sorry that you are lost inside your head and that you have a fight on your hands to find your balance again, I think that is tougher in some ways than 'just' being unwell. I speak as one who has many years of mental health issues, behind and before.

  11. Sending positive thoughts your way, Sheree....

    you will get through this and be stronger for it!


  12. Is it bad to say I think this is some of my favorite work of yours..
    Love you

  13. So good to hear from you, sending you many positive thoughts :).

  14. New to your blog, enjoyed your art and imagination. Your angel art with hands was very nice. Spirit painting of sorts. I Use plexie glass, two colors purple and black acrylic, smooth on. Lay a piece of transfer paper on top. Close eyes and hand paint. Remove and let dry. For photo fabric pillows I print on muslin, spray glue copy paper, lay on top of muslin, trim then incert in printer. Where did you find tea reading cup? Have a Blessed Day xox


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