Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Post That Never Happened

Dear God
Will anyone remember me??
It has been so long since I last posted.
Or does it seem so long ago because I am no longer the person who put up the last post???

Hello my wonderful Blog friends, a small tale of a huge event is about to be told.
I took these photos last Friday, that was the 23rd but the post never happened and thats because this anxiety thing! came to a head about 15 hours after this wonderful evening I spent with the kiddies and Kel down at the fairy pond.
So let me tell you the original story first......

Being Autumn now there are mushrooms everywhere, and with 52 acres of paddocks and hills to search it has been making for some very fun times indeed!  mmmmm mushrooms
We picked up Lucy from school and I had a surprise for the girls, we were gonna have dinner down at the pond and have some good old Pyromaniac fun!!

So with some mushrooms collected on the way we got the fire roaring,... I helped the girls make a hut from saris and trees because huts is the best!!
Ohh how I wish you could smell the fire in this photo, damp New Zealand ground in a Ti Tree forest with a roaring fire is like nothing else, one of the best smells ever...

Wow what a pretty hut!!

My little indian in her Indian hut!..

We were having a stew for dinner so veges ahoy and Lucy must have felt the vibe because she had brought some rainbow silver beet (swisschard) home from the school garden...

and those precious fresh mushrooms, so soft and squishy, its amazing how much water a fresh mushroom holds...

herbs from the garden, chopped up veges...

and home kill meat.  Sorry vegetarians but I delight in eating this particular cow because she was mad!!!  She seemed to have it in for me and would hunt me down and chase me whenever possible, really scary stuff when you have a 1 year old in your arms, so she had to go, and go to the freezer for our whole family she did.  Thankyou 'Psycho' are yum!...

veges water wine

and that is called dinner!  mmm what things can we cook now??
we have a fire, and sticks  hhmmmmmm

how about a fluffy white cloud of sugar!
oh yummmeee, fire cooked marshmallows..

someone is a little stubborn though and must insist on doing things herself, she hasent quite realised the conbustion time of a marshmallow, and that you cant just look around and watch the dog and some passing birds, she seems bewildered that her mallow spent its whole time jammed up against a roaring ember and is now just a dribble on her stick, that is unless she gets it out in time first and waves it around not realising that her stick is now a roaring hot sticky mess just waiting to connect with someones head!!  so great to be the photographer at times like these....

I do..I do!!  can you hear it!

who wouldnt want to eat of these fingers!! hmmmmm ha ha

There is of course the bread that I cooked on Wednesday, toasted nicely over the fire...

and spread with butter and jam mmmmmmm
(but alas this is where I went sooo wrong! next story)

Our precious Pipi awaits her toast, so spoilt it embarrassing...sheesh...animals!

and a photographers marsh mallow goes a little something like this
"as the golden marshmallow slowly browns in the heat of the wonderful smelling fire"...

"Ohh shit!!! abort abort!!!

maybe just concentrate on one thing at a time aye!!
charcoal never tasted sooo good...

we also made fairy houses for our friends to visit...

and every nook had the potential as a new hut!!!

which of course meant we abandoned the old hut! ohh well...

Dinners ready!
Ohh me ohh my it was good, and with little dirty sticky finger fairy asking for seconds you could be sure it was really! good!...

all full up, gonna get dark soon, we better get home...

but we will be back to our fire pit another night soon
thankyou fairy forest once again

Ok so I have no idea, maybe thats what I was going to say!

So it was a wonderful night, American Idol, Americas Next Top Model tra la la go America... next day I felt kinda panicky...Panicky? but Im at home?  so panicky all day turns into some crazy convulsing Anxiety attack that night and I end up in hospital on crazy drugs which  numb me so much Im not sure of who I am.
This pill thing is not me at all so next day, I have Cranial done, which 90% cures me..but something is still wrong..
I contemplated finishing the mermaid picture but I cant really remember doing the first part and now I have no idea what I was feeling at the time so Im lost, I have a feeling I may pass it on to someone else to collaborate on it, it can be the set your craziness free painting and passed from artist to artist..

So everything is roses here, Im happy(woohoo), child having nap (yay!) father off shooting ducks! (boo) and its a beautiful day!

thankyou for all the well wishes and your paitence
this is where I leave my tragedy and start my new found life the gluten free way, so next posts wont mention it again because its the past.. see you on the other side, which will hopefully be tomorrow!

much love to you all
and thankyou to Theresa for featuring me and sending new wonders my way

what shall we cook on the fire next????
Sheree (the cool calm collected one)


  1. Fabulous, fabulous evening, I REALLY want a piece of land where I can have a campfire too, you really inspire me! And Sheree, I'm so glad you finally have an answer, it makes it so much better when you KNOW what's going on, you know you're not going crazy, that there's a reason why you've been feeling bad and you can fix it! All my best wishes for a new 'gluten-free' you, and I look forward to many, many more inspiring posts.

  2. So, your world is right again. I'm so glad you found the reason you were not well. Such a simple thing ~ the staff of life~ to cause such turmoil. Lucky you to find out.

    Such a wonderful night at the fire. Creating wonderful memories for all.

    We are waiting on the new side where the grass is definitely greener and we will continue to tag along with you, waiting for each new wonderment that you offer.
    Warm Wishes, Sheree.
    xx, Carol

  3. Great photos as always.

    Good to know that you know how you can feel well again. I am glad for you, Sheree.

    Greetings from Munich,

    PS: I wanted to sign with "hugs," but after a recent episode with an Australian on a list (I wasn't involved -- only reading the exchange), I don't know anymore if "hugs" isn't too "intense" for people from Australia or New Zealand. I am definitely insecure about signing like that now.

  4. What a fun and fascinating post. So sorry about the panic attack and illness, but so glad you have an answer now. Gluten free...oh my...but you are such a magical being you can do it. Thiose girls of yours are so precious. Loved seeing the campfire. I have gone for one week every summer for 7 years and have decided not to this year. I will spend that time here fixing up the old place and organizing it a bit better. I will miss the campfires though.

  5. Hi Sheree! I was so happy reading your most delightful post, seeing the lovely photos of outdoor dinners and marshmallow roasts and searching for faerie holes...and then I got nervous reading the tale of your anxiety attack. However, I am happy that you received medical attention for it. Ahhh...on to your new gluten-free life.

    I am happy you enjoyed your feature...I did not know if you had seen it. :) Hope to chat with you soon! :) Theresa

  6. Sheree! I have missed you! A post from you is always much anticipated.

    Food cooked outside always tastes better...
    ....And fresh food always has so much more, to sum up...your meals must be absolutely amazing! (minus the bread, now, of course:)

    Will be a bit of an adjustment, huh..... though, there must be some relief in you knowing that your anxiety was not complete craziness.

    Your pics remind me of our beloved camping trip summers that my hubby and I (and now Pumpkin Girl) look forward to every year!
    ....soon, very soon...

    Well, I'm sorry that you got thrown for a loop....hopefully all will feel right with you as you begin your gluten-free journey:) The bit about the cow had me laughing!

    Theresa's post about you and your art was lovely, also :)

    Sending you bright shiny stars to wish on,

  7. Such stunning pictures that I almost felt like I was there - thank you for brightening my day.

    I'm so sorry for what you went through (hospital etc) but am so glad it had the silver lining of figuring out the gluten reaction connection!

    Neurological (and mood) reactions to gluten can be a really hard part of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

    My biggest reaction to gluten is terrible suicidal depression. For people who have few intestinal reactions to it, it can go undiagnosed for a long time.
    I'm so glad you figured it out.

    Do you have any other food sensitivities?
    I ask because I have a few super easy but honestly DELICIOUS GF recipes but don't want to disappoint you if they have other things in you cannot eat (eg eggs).

    Many healing thoughts coming your way.


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