Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Mysterious Mad Tea Party!!

Pssst are you here for the party???
It's time to welcome the guests!

The 150 year old homestead is rests..

sitting solid and still in the winter sun, in anticipation of some mysterious fun....

My table is set and all I need are the guests, lets hope they dont just make a mess...

with winter veges from my gardens heart, and chickens eggs, the savoury tarts

we coloured my sushi, ohh the madness begins

all you do is put some food colouring in!  (your rice water)

we have all the pink liquids a girl could need....

and thick chocolate brownies, but you can read....

cupcakes a plenty in every style
from mad to pretty to wicked to wild!

flags a plenty hung in our trees, to blow in the wind, and dance with the bees..

it may be winter but the sun is a glow, the weather was kind, it put on quite a show...

now the guests have arrived, there a five to be seen, they come so dressed up, we all walk in this dream...

so much to adorn our bodies so fine, we dress in our treasures, that we collect over time...

treasures galore, and jewels all on show, the frills and the lace, the way mad parties go...

so pull up your britches and get your boots on, the party is starting with a fun little song..

we crack open the wine, to toast everyone here, some came from so far, some came from so near..

would you like a cup, pink Moscato is served, theres plenty of food, your place was reserved...

have some lemony tart, or other treats to share, eat it all or eat none, no tummy is bare...

did you wear a nice hat, with flowers from the past, who knows what hands antiques have passed..

we also have tea, of the raspberry kind, or cranberry juice, but ohh that wine...

Hmmmmm hang about, whats this that I see, something on the table what could it be??

a little roll tied at the middle, its so exciting a tea party riddle...

there had to be a treasure hunt, you know by now, resist I cant!!

so off they go in the winter breeze, to find the notes but not with ease

they have to think and use their heads, think crypticly with skill instead... 

the clues are hidden everywhere, a wild goose chase, a mad affair...

"Around the rear, the rock heart stands, with years of moss like fairy lands, You'll find me here fired cracks of shell, am I hidden or placed where I fell?"

they lay in waiting in all sorts of ways, its so fun to revisit our childlike ways...

"Go to the sea, where rushing water hits sand, a pohutukawa grows, only one hand to land, who's the tallest, who can see, how high I hang, how you gonna get me?"

we run around in a magical daze, having fun and hunting for something it says....

the very last clue, thats 7 in all, leads you to the treasure or haul...

In a stump there lays a box of old

but what is this inside, what treasures does it hold...

an antique key, so large and worn, its for the house, a new adventures born...

so back we go up the garden path, to peek inside a place of past..

turn the key, to the left, a hundred times is usually best...

in we come, to explore, a historic house my family bore

a time warp we have graced upon, a place where peace and silence shone..
the eerie house with pasts galore still had secrets to explore..   

another note hung pending fun , yes, this hunt was far from done

"Look up ahead, dont fear the keeper, there is a box for the un-scared seeker, made of wood and filled with heart, but can you tell this box apart?"

up the stairs, the girls did climb, wondering what they now could find...

a treasure chest, under piles of dust, inside a box of things once lost...

we gather round, excited still, what is this jar, a time capsule??

as we descend the steepest stairs our hunt is done, our treasures it bares..

it is a capsuel with forms to fill, about our lives / dreams coming still....

where we are at and want to be, its all recorded for us to see...

when we return in 10 years time, to dig it up and drink some wine...

will we be where we once thought, will our dreams be what they ought..

a new tea party that will be and all the results, I cant wait to see ..

so we bury our jar, in a special place, one that forever cant be replaced
our lives are held and sent to this earth, to work out which of our dreams will work.
So long time capsule, see you in 10, we will all return, will we be mad then??

Here we played for a special day, an extraordinary day, they all did say.

we are bound by one special action, one great event and one great gift...

We even had a token baby, Miss Amber Rose and her beautiful mother,
We have had 2 years of 'bohemian earth loving friendship'..

also 33 years of 'bound by our births friendship'...

17 years of 'brought together by the fates friendship....

5 years of 'Creative Pisces Gypsy friendship'...

and 3 years of 'wonderfully playful nutty friendship'..

So I hope you grabbed some wonderful friends and your tea party memories never end...

My beautiful guests recieved these magnetic photos to hang on their fridge doors as memories and a little goddess inspiration..

I have two left over to give away at the end of this tea party soiree
so these will go out to a lucky two of you...

Thankyou so much for joining in my party, I absolutely enjoyed putting this together for my friends and love to bring the playful mystery back into adults lives with treasure hunts.  All my lovely ladies had such a original and memorable day, something which we can treasure forever, until we revisit our capsuel in 10 years time.

Have A Mad Hatter Of  A Time!!!


To find a list of the other 100s of parties involved, visit HERE : )

Thankyou so much to Vanessa Valencia once again for putting on such a fun event.  My world has become so much the richer just by discovering you Vanessa xxx

and to everyone else out there in blogland too.
Your love and encouragment is shaping me into a truely happy person. : )


  1. What a memorable day, indeed! All that planning and secrecy paid off....what a great time you all must've had!

    Thank you so much for inviting me....I'll take one of those garden tarts to go :D

    Big hugs,

  2. fantastic post and party!!!! thank you !!!!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! Happy mad tea party to you!

  4. Wow how I wish I was a guest at your party~!

  5. I love the idea of a time capsule! You really get a feel for the the bond you have with your friends from the photos - it looks like you had a fabulous tea party with them.

    PS - it's great to see another Australian in the Bloggosphere

  6. wow Sheree that looked so awesome - wonderful photography too :) .... loved all your outfits :) Hayz x

  7. What a nice party! I specially like the wine oops the tea! I love that you made a time capsule and a dedication to friendship is what made it the most special! thank you for letting us un! hop on by! K

  8. I really enjoyed your party - it looked like such fun and you were all beautiful!!

    Tabitha of

  9. Such lovely food, such sweet adventures and such beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses!

    (here's my party-link:

  10. Wow your tea party was wonderful. It was so lovely to see you and your friends sharing such fun times together.

    The fridge magnet is gorgeous and even if I don't win I'd love to use the words and make something similar for myself, if that's ok?

    Oh and I couldn't leave without mentioning your outfits, you all looked fab!

    Do visit my tea party if you have the time.

  11. You have outdone yourself! I loved meeting your dear friends and witnessing the magic and merriment. Loved every detail. Thank you!

    I too have a party and gifts for all who visit. I do hope you can make it by!

    Follow this link:

    Sweet day to you!

  12. OMG! From the first photo with the sun turning your hair into a halo, to the tiny sweet baby, such a wonderful party! I wish I had friends willing to join in.

    PS: loved the cow poo brownies, I swear tea almost came out of my nose.

  13. Ah what a treat to stop by and join your party by proxy. Oh to imagine what fun you must have enjoyed and all the magic fluttering around you!

    You must have spent hours preparing this post. I haven't made my own party this year so throughly enjoyed attending yours (if you're wondering who pinched the last pie... it was me, I confess!


  14. No one goes hungry at your parties. All the fun adventures to wear off calories too! I love a treasure hunt. Great idea for the time capsule.

  15. WOW what a great party !
    choice !
    Thanks for having me, I had a great time.
    You have som really good friends there.

    Hop over to my party for a nice cup of tea :-)


  16. Wow, Sheree! This was such a wonderful Tea Party - how beautiful that you could gather with your friends for a day of merriment and delight! I loved the treasure hunt, the time capsule and all the treats galore (cow pooh, eh?). I thought that was sushi (one of my faves) - how cute to color the rice!!!! :) Enjoy all the festivities and thanks for sharing the gift of your friends!

  17. How wonderful! Just dreamy!Wish I could have been there and yet somehow it feels like I was!

  18. Wow what a fun treasure hunt, I loved it! Pop over to my party when you get the chance. Take care, Martha

  19. Happy Mad Tea Party ;o) I had a magical time ;o) I truly did ;o) I loved all the treats and the treasure hunt! Thanks so much for putting on such a fantastic party ;o) I know I wasn't truly there, but in my heart and mind, I was ;o) Have a wonderful day!

  20. Love the time capsule idea. What a fun party!

  21. What a great party and I love the time capsule idea! The garden tarts and coloured sushi look so delicious I'm going to have to find something to eat now lol! ...think I'll pass on the cowpoo brownies though hehe.

    I'm also taking part in the Mad Tea Party blog hop and hope that you'll visit my party to have some fun there too :)

  22. Oh dear. My frock is really not nearly as pretty as the others. Perhaps if I stick to the shadows I won't be noticed. Yet I must sneak in, oh, yes, NOW, to grab some sweets and lemonade. Now, back to the shadows with me.

  23. What a delightful and magical tea party and treasure hunt! So much fun seeing you all having a whimsical time. Delicious treats, lovely china and so much fun! I am so glad I stopped in!

  24. Sheree, it makes perfect sense that one so beautiful would live in such a land of beauty. It's as if you live in heaven. Fabulous photographs again; I especially like the macro shots. You, little one, have the magic touch.
    **blows kisses** Deb

  25. Such fabulousness! I love your watermelon sushi and garden tarts! Everything looked yummy and fun!

    Thank you so much for the invite and I hope you will visit me, as well.

  26. Wonderful, fabulous, lovely!
    Bonne Nuit Designs

  27. It looks like so much fun! I didn't participate this year, but I'm already looking forward to next year when I definitely will!

  28. Ummm, I would like a veggie tart, some pink sushi and a cowpoo brownie! and of course some wonderful raspberry tea!!! A Lovely magical party!
    Jessi xox

  29. What a FUN party!!! I do so love a good hunt! Thanks for having me!

  30. What a wonderfully mad tea party with so many delicious treats to enjoy! And a treasure hunt, too. Thanks for sharing, Michelle

  31. What the treasure hunt and time capsule. WOn't you visit my garden for storytime with a fairy or two and a hot piping cuppa?

  32. What a beautiful party! I loved all the food, tea,photos what magic

  33. thank you for the most magical tea party! i love the vintage hats and sweet treats!

  34. A truly magical tea party. The pink and green colored sushi made my mouth water.

  35. So much to celebrate at your party! Food, wine, tea, an adventure and beautiful friends. You are blessed. I hope you will visit my party. I had so much fun planning it. Have a beautiful day, Pat

  36. What a splendid idea--a treasure hunt!!! And I love the time capsule. You and your friends look fabulous!
    Happy Tea Partying!

  37. Wow what a unique and special tea party, I love the treasure hunt and time capsule! Everything looks so lovely! Thank you so much for inviting me :) ~Lauren

  38. Sheree, I am speechless. I think I just fainted, came to, and then fainted again! I must know more about this mysterious place!!

    What an incredible Mad Tea party!!

    But can I just tell you, you and your friends are so fantastically magical!!

    I wish I was there!!!

    Thank you for sharing the most amazing visit to your Wonderland!!! xoxo

    I have to go back and look again!

    Love, A Fanciful Twist ;)

  39. WONDERFUL! I wish I was there, what an amazing tea party! Sheree, you really are an inspiration!

    xx Christina

  40. SPECTACULAR!!! So imaginative and fun. It was a pleasure to follow along on your felt like I was there in person.

  41. Such a wonderful and magical to-do, thank you for inviting me over to share your tea and enchantment! I loved your clues, the costumes and even more so that your friends joined you for such a memorable and fabulous party! How blessed you are. :)

    Though I'm running tardy, I hope you'll come visit my party!

  42. What fun! You threw a lovely party and it looks like everyone had a fabulous time!

    Have a mad party!
    Erin :)

  43. What an absolutely beautiful party. The food was lovely and I bet it tasted incredible, and I'm sure everyone involved had fun (myself included). You are truly blessed to have so much beauty in your life. Thank you for letting me share in it.



  44. What fun! A special day for sure.

  45. sweet adventures with friends! the best.
    i was also taken with the watermelon sushi!

  46. Oh my! you had the most gorgeous tea party! loved it all! All you whimsically dressed for the occasion! How wonderful! The cutest of you? I have to say Amber Rose stole the show! Congrats on the enchanted party! Thank you for sharing all the beauty with us!

  47. Sheree, you always do such a wonderful job of fun and stories when it comes to these kinds of blog hops. I still hold so dear the story of the spider people from OWOH 2010!! It was so lovely and a blessing to have 5 friends to celebrate with you! great gifts also.
    Please come visit my party, where you'll find a tiny tea(crystal light-too hot for hot tea) party mixed inside a short story called "The Tea Kettle"

  48. So sorry I am late
    For this important date.
    I'm still making my way down the list.

    With too little time
    I'm leaving this rhyme
    For I'm adamant about wanting to persist.

    All this running about
    Has left me dry in the mouth.
    Might I have a cup of tea?

    Your cakes of rose
    and garden tarts
    Are so tempting to me

    Oh my, the time
    It goes so fast
    I must be on my way

    But fear not friend
    I shall return
    Please……Have a beautiful day.

  49. Oh my, what an amazing Tea Party. You told the greatest stories and the othr guests were so nice and friendly. It was so much fun. Your sweet treats were so delicious...It was hard for me to stop eating. It was a very special day. Thank you for sharing. Please visit my Tea Party at:

  50. What a spread! Everything looks scrumptious. And a treasure hunt, such fun!!

  51. Sheree how lovely and thoughtful!! I have followed your blog for some time now and your party is another reason why I do. Your are a gift!
    I wish I could have participated in the treasure hunt, I just adore those kind of things! And the cow poo brownies!!! That beats my cat nip tea and tuna sandwiches for my kitties!!
    Thank you for your wonderful crazy tea, please pop in to my party if you have a moment (it is still set up.... seriously, still under the tree in my yard... though all the tuna is gone, see my post and you will understand why LOL!). Here's to another mad capped party hopefully soon (less that one year at ay rate... we need to plead with Vanessa).
    Furry blessings,
    Tricia aka Aunt Thelma of the many kitties...

  52. P.S. I LOVE your flower wreath! And the pink champagne... I think after wrangling all the kitties I might just have to procure me a bottle...

  53. Oh Sheree,
    I am so happy you commented on my blog, I have tears in my eyes! I have tried to comment on your blog before however I never seemed to be able to. I especially tried when you were having such a tough time as I went through a similar period years ago and wanted so much to send my compassion and empathy. I only recently switched over to Blogger and I seem to be having more success now (hurrah!). You obviously do not need my encouragement anymore as you appear to be thriving beautifully!!!!
    Don't you just love the internet? I feel like I am finally meeting my kindred family, they just happen to live all over the world. It doesn't surprise me at all you made faerie wings with tassels or have a sister cat to mine. I really believe we are all part of the same spirit group (now I am getting too touchy and will probably convince you to never speak with me again as I am truly mad and not just for Vanessa's party LOL!).
    I am so happy to connect with you and I REALLY do wish I could have been there in person for your party,
    Furry Blessings,
    Tricia and the kitties

  54. WOW what a totally awesome enchanting party yours was! It has been the best fun visiting everyone's parties, how absolutely blessed are you having such beautiful friends to share your event. Congrats it looked like it was nothing short of GORGEOUS!!!

  55. I am soo soo late, but thankyou for inviting me :)

    what fabulously pink sushi !! and a fabulous treasure hunt, what a great idea :)

    I would love you to drop on by my party for some tea & cake :

    mad madam me :)

  56. What a funtastic time you had! I love friends who join in whimsy, and dress-up, and scavanger hunting...good job getting everyone up into the attic :) Ten years can fly very quickly...may your time capsule bring such fun and laughter then, too. And from seeing the photos and imagining your joy in life, I'm sure it shall.

    Thank you for the rhymes most sublime...and inviting me here to join your Mad Tea Time.
    Oh it was quite divine!!

  57. Magical. Yes, that's what has first come to my mind. Inspiring. Another word of which I thought.

    Thanks for the wonderful post -- that was a truly memorable tea party. :)


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