Sunday, September 26, 2010

Practical Magic Party

So here we are at the Practical Magic Party Day
Well technically Im a day late, but I played with my daughter for the whole day which I havent been able to do in months, so I think thats a good enough excuse. dont you??
Im going to be having a give away with my little story so stay tuned.

What torture to pick a part you like best...not an easy task, I love that the music is done by Sheryl Crowe and Stevie Nicks, is there anything better??  And who dosent want those Aunts living with them, in the house, ohh drool... anywho I had to chose so...
A part of the movie I love is the Amas Veritas spell...
I still have my diary form that age, day to day ramblings of a 12 year old, ohh the troubles of a 12 year old!
But its not this diary Im telling you about...when I turned 21 I could either have a huge party or use the money to go on a vacation.  I chose to have a 21st picnic in a park and then go on my own tropical holiday! seeing I was obsessed with Deserted Island movies and mermaids and living on an Island walking around in near to nothing but a bit of muslin, eating fish and bananas, Ohh my imagination!

I went to Beachcomber Island in Fiji for 10 days.with my darling Miss G
It was the best holiday ever, party party party, and for a single girl (one of the only times in my life), boys boys boys!!! woo hooo.
Before we left another wonderful friend Rufeo made me a first aid travel pack, it was a wonderful bag full of jars and potions, film cannister to document talent on the island, condoms, herbal teas, anti shark attack medication (shark lollies), heartbreaker pills (heart lollies), male magnet capsules, please use carefully, effect is irreversible (tic tacs!)... and the main part im getting to was a beautiful blue bottle with a scroll of paper in it to send out a message in a send my own message out into the depths of the ocean.

Now because I was single and in the company of many available HOT! men, of course I had male brain..

So I sent out a spell, not for a man that didint exist, but for a man that would finally understand me and be happy with the life I wanted to live (never before found!)

Now Im a huge diary writer, and spent most of my time on this island documenting every move we made, there wasent much else to do in the day! apart from nurse our hangovers...
So here is the original draft for my spell, it was sent out into the ocean, hidden in the coral when we went snorkelling one day....The funny thing is I obviousy didnt send it out far enough, when I had been home from the island for 2 weeks a random girl rang to say she had found my bottle! and wanted to know when I was there, I think she was thinking in terms of years and when I told her it had only been two weeks, all we could do was laugh, she was nice enough to re plant it, but this time a little further, so far in fact that it will probably never be found!..

But thats OK, because I have found my perfect man, and as strange as the world works, he is not much like the man I wrote about, but he is so perfect for me in every way...especially proven over the last six months when Im sure most males would have run..
So thankyou to my wonderful Smelly Kelly, a strange story of fate in itself that I will reveal some other time.


So love and spells and fates aside I decided that a giveaway was fitting for a wonderful day.
I love natural witch craft, nature, earth etc so I printed some wiccan T shirts.
I have two to give away, a size 12 (pictured) and a 14 (nz sizes)

just leave a comment and then I will draw from the names.
If you want one but dont win, no fretting my sweets, I have 3 in my Etsy shop for $12USD.

So enjoy your Practical Magic hopping, I have been painting all week for an upcoming exhibition, so I like to do this in front of the TV with DVDs playing, its great.. I dont have to watch the screen and can just listen and know what is going on, I look up for my fav parts!
So I have watched Practical Magic 3 times this week trying to find what resonated with me. Hard when it all does, although I have never jumped off my roof, killed a man, buried my ex in my back yard, ripped up my floor boards, invited my girls over to 'Clean House', trained frogs to do tricks, had a sister, burned rose bushes or made a cactus pancake!
I do however live in a small coastal town which my family has done for generations.
If only in that house...ohh phewey!

Thankyou to the ladies who organised this wonderful party.
La Boheme Magique and Frosted Petunias

To see all the other parties follow this link.


  1. Oh Sweetheart....the longings of a young heart can seem foolish later in Life....and yet, we look back on this naivete fondly....

    I guess, because you can never undo the learning and experience that Time gives us...

    Hopefully, we find where we are truly supposed to be and do....and who we are to be and do with...Love and Family are amazing gifts!

    Playing the day away with Indi is a wonderful way to spread some Magic :)

    Btw...I got my Deva today (fitting, wouldn't you say) and I'm absolutely thrilled beyond belief! It is simply beautiful...and I will treasure it always...along with your friendship.


  2. What a wonderful story! And I am definitely going to have to watch this movie too :)
    I would love to win one of your shirts, but I'm in Canada, is that ok?

  3. Lovely post!! I love the tee!!

  4. ~a day spent playing with our wee little ones...what could be better han that!

    isn't it funny sometimes in life how when we think we want something so terribly bad it isn't really what was meant for is a strange place filled with unknowns...and if we let go...a little magic seems to slip right in before our eyes and gifted us with the most beautiful blessings...may your l♥ve remain forever...

    your tee shirts are uniquely wonderful...your mind is always creating the fun little pieces!

    may you have many more days to simple be with your l♥ve and little...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  5. OOOoo I loved your story, messages in bottles wow!
    Please enter me in draw (size 14) shhh lol
    love & light
    Trace oxo

  6. Yay..Loved your post and tribute..beautiful and magical and super-enchanting! Your creations are beautiful!

  7. Hi Sheree! It has been a while since I've last paid you a little visit. Blog events are good fun and it is nice to be here once aagin.

    Here is a bit of magic for you*+*+*+*+*++***++

    Have a wonderful magical party!!

  8. Great PM posting, playing with your daughter is such an important thing. I hope you both had a great time. Kat

  9. Hi Sheree,

    A magical post once again -- no surprise here...


  10. Dear Sheree,

    Playing with your daughter IS practical magic! :) I remember when I was younger making many a foolish wish on love that was truly not meant to be. And I did find love when it was least expected - and I could not be happier.

    I would love for you to come visit my Practical Magic post, even if just to see the drawing I did of Stevie Nicks when I was but a teen.

    Your shirts are so lovely. I have yet to purchase my deva from you - but I am thankfully that the one I most desire is still there - calling to me.

    I miss you...


  11. Magical Sheree!
    I knew your post would be too.
    Such a gorgeous man that found you!!
    So glad you posted.
    xx, Carol

  12. What we dream of when are young is rarely what we need. I know that if I had met my husband when I was even 5 years younger, I wouldn't have looked twice as he isn't as fiery as I liked my men then but he was what I needed to complete me. I would love the the drawing for a t-shirt.

    Be sure to check out my blog for a giveaway!

    Brightest Blessings!

    PS: Your man sure is hottie.

  13. What a perfect party post! I'm so glad you found your perfect man, and if he wasn't how you thought "perfect" would be, that makes it even more special, because he defines your idea of perfection in himself :D

  14. What a beautiful post! I love Practical Magic too, will have to check out the other blogs :).

    Would love to enter for the shirt as well! :D.

  15. What wonderfully imaginative friends you have to provide you with such gifts. It's always nice to send a bit of magic out into the world every now and again!

  16. Hi Sheree! Your post is such a great story and I love that you found just the man for you (even though he isn't like what your 21yo self thought she wanted). :)

  17. Just dropped by to sa hello.have a good day!

  18. I find it so fascinating that She sends us what She wants for us, regardless of what we believe we desire.

  19. Thanks for the invite to your party! I really enjoyed your tale! I hope you'll come visit me as well!

  20. as any of your creations are.. the T-shirts are great... blessings

  21. Great post. I had fun at your party. thank you for sharing. i would love to win a tee shirt. I love nature and everything that goes with it. I am currently making myself a spell book. Please visit me:

  22. Flying through for the Practical Magic Blog Party! Wish I had some of the things I had written or thought when I was 12, I don't think many of mine have changed :) ~Blessings~

  23. Would love to enter for the shirt... TY!

    Oh, the 14 if I win :P

  24. Oh ,you are such a Romantic and Pieces at that! Me too!
    The story is so cute, funny, touching and whimsical and with a happy ending . Adore your art and the secret book you made, all lovely and magical.


  25. Oh what a magical post - Magic moves in strange way - you got the man of your dreams - just not in the way you thought of as perfect - yet perfect for you anyway.
    Oh your t- shirts are so awesome.

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and talents with us.

    Brightest Blessings,

  26. Cool shirt! Magical Post -We are still flying around looking at the 200 some odd parties, havent yet made them all! - what fun! Ours will still be up at ! Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand

  27. Lovely post and awesome tee. Oh how I miss my coastal childhood. Now I am landlocked in misery. :( A well all rivers lead to the sea and an enchanted spell bottle would get there eventually! Thank you for sharing!

  28. What a lovely blog post. I LOVE the movie and Amas Veritas is my favorite part! I still haven't found my match ... Maybe I should find a bottle and write a spell ... :)


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