Sunday, March 28, 2010

Princess Danger Berry

There was once a princess who loved all the fruits of the world
blue ones yellow ones orange ones purple ones black ones and especially red ones.
She knew that red was for love so she wanted to fill up on as many red things as she could find

Her search took her to a secret garden with an orchard in it, so many treats to collect, today was her lucky day for all the fruit was red!!

She pulled her yellow carriage along side an apple tree and picked to her hearts delight, so much redness, so much love, but how was she to consume all these red things before they spoilt??
she would surely have a stomach ache or something worse!!!
Ohh dear...what to do???

Hmmm "if I pick apples that are red and green then I will only have to eat the red part, so thats only half of each apple"!! hurrah what a solution she had come to!

So the princess munched through her carriage of red bits and left tattered bitten apples all about.
She kept walking in the garden, leaving a trail and with tattered apple in hand she came to a jetty...

there she found a wise eel awaiting his next feed
"please little princess, drop in some food to me,
there is cat bikkies in the jar on the bench"....

"Cat Bikkies!!! you silly eel, wouldnt you rather eat my fingers, here we go, they look like little pink sausages!!!  ohh so yummy!!" said the silly princess...
"come on...come on.."

with that the eel swooped towards the silly girls fingers to have a tasty treat indeed!.... but just then, to her rescue came the princess's loyal dog Pipi, forever her protecter!!  "be gone evil eel!, go eat your bikkies!"
and the dog chased the eel away...
Hurray for pipi!

"look my princess" said Pipi  " I have found a wonderful flower for you, so pretty and sweet just like you"  "princess"???  "princess"???

but the princess only cared for danger and didnt like flowers at all, "come back eel...I have a present for you"...."instead of cat bikkies I have an actual cat for you to feast on!!!"
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Just then she was scooped up into the air by her father the king
"what are you up to naughty princess, I saw you teasing the eel"
"I will throw you into the clouds where you can sit and watch us all have cakes and tea because everyone else has been good and you have been rascally!"

"No dad please I love cakes and tea, please let me stay for the party"
I promise to be a good girl and keep away from danger from now on....
"but could you throw me just a few more times "
I cant give up my pleasures quite that easily!!!"

So the king and princess played and played till the poor kings arms were sore.

Do you think she kept away from danger after that day???
No way!!! Danger is her middle name!
and so is rascal and darling and sweetie and cheeky and grumpy and happy and sookie and smartie and........

cakes and tea for every one

Thanks for reading my tale
have a wonderfully rascally day


  1. I love that!

    Is all of your photography actually done on your own property? It's gorgeous!

  2. I so love the picture of Princess and pusscat both peering into the water after that pesky eel. What a delight!!

  3. Ahh, I think ALL princesses have a touch of Danger Pants in them...none of that silly sitting around waiting for some prince to come along and make life interesting!

  4. ah the life of a carefree princess... and a wonderful king to play with. She is lucky indeed.

  5. What a lovely storybook tale to wake up to today. You always brighten my day!
    xx, Carol

  6. How beautiful, Sheree - both the photos and the lovely story. Our wee princess had a most enchanting day, I see. Such lovely fruits, and kind animals, and beautiful nature trails. Plus, she got to FLY into the SKY! What better day than that, I ask! :) xoxo Theresa

  7. How fun! Your princess story had me grinning from ear to ear.
    And rascal is such an awesome word, I need to use it more often =)

  8. Such a precious one your little girl...great story and lovely pics the one of her munching the apple - the look on her face is priceless x

  9. beautiful tale!!! please look at my today's post on my blog! you have inspired me and i made paintings on fairytale's pages!!!

  10. As a child's life should be....a carefree bit of danger and adventure complete with laughter and the sweet crunchiness of hand-picked apples...a true Fairytale, indeed :)

  11. Sheree - you are the queen of storytelling! I love it. It has inpsired me to continue with my story about Jason, Princess Bayley (his best friend)and the Frog King (whom they rescued from the evil dragonfly larvae in our pond, when the King was just a small tadpole). He he. Well, I just loved this entire story of yours and I'd love to see it published oneday!

  12. ~captivating you are...i l♥ve reading your posts as one can not help but be taken to another land...wonderful day its looks you've had...and your sweetpea...enough to steel ones heart...i can only now think back upon the time when we could throw our oldest in the air...such moments...well wishes and brightest blessings upon you and yours~


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