Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Great Timing Of Life

I love that time dictates my next move and I seem to flow where Im beckoned.

I recieved a note on Etsy from a wonderful woman wanting to do a trade for a set of prayer flags, when I looked thru her wares it became obvious to me she was here for my next step, I love being sent these gifts, the gifts of life changing interaction.
What I found on "Gypsy Moon Gifts" was that this woman did intuitive readings and one spoke to me more than anything on her page.  Maybe it was the henna stained hands that hit at the Hindu in my soul...or the fact that the title said "New Beginnings INTUITIVE READING"..which is exactly where I am at right now.  A new beginning, ready to pounce on my new life, with 500 directions to go and all I needed was a bit of wisdom and guidance to set me in the right direction.

I received my reading today and was bowled over with amazement.  I know now that if I ever have a question or need redirection at any time, that this is where I will be sending my questions.  Now I have tried a bit of this stuff over my life and some people can be so wishy washy they get my blood boiling and I feel like screaming 'if you dont know, just say I dont know!!' I am very aware of those who pick for details and then make stories.  This was so different, I simply told her I had a bad year with a huge transformation and was ready to get back into the world.  Of course she could read thru my blog to investigate more, but what she knew is the things that I donot write here.

So it was very special to me.  Here is a few things she told me.

Part of the pupose for the hard year is that spiritually there are some old paradigms shifting.  I need to keep releasing though( I have an energy session booked for next week), a new relationship or renewed relationship that will be free and fun and my spirit will be enlivened by this, She could see my stagnation with work and can see me teaching classes (which Im doing planning for at the moment) She talked about a book Im writing on the subject of recipes or earth based something, seasonal ( this no one knows of but a few of my family members, Its a secret I have kept to myself incase it bombed!) She talks of the book I read that inspired me to write this!(which I sleep next to), She talks about a strong tie to celtic shamanism or spirituality (I am reading a book right now called Celtic Goddesses, the first celtic book Ive ever read) My connection to the earth, how Im so sensitive I can feel her shifts (something I dont talk about because it scares me, let alone anyone else) I am finally starting to balance, and that my dance has just begun.

Of course this was a snippet, I have left out all the personal stuff and my secrets to come,  but I found this the most inspiring, down to earth help ever. 
So if you are ever needing anything like this in the future, please remember this post, I know when you find something this great you have to pass it on.

Now not only am I so inspired to get moving I also wanted to makeover my banner, I have only ever had my original one, a whole template makeover completely daunted me, so baby steps I think.  I dont have photoshop so my collages are strictly hand made the old school way, junk on a cloth on the floor!

Preserving is coming to a halt, I have apple cider and fejoa wine awaiting their summer release, and two buckets of olives in brine, alot though never enough! 

 My fig jam has been causing a stir because I rebelled and made it this year with half ripe figs and half hard so I could retain the pink colour, people are loving it, because it actually tastes like fresh figs, the problem with this is you eat it way too fast! eek.  I am fighting a daily war against puppy and chickens, chickens which keep nibbling at my broccoli heads and puppy who keeps breaking under the chicken fence for their food, hence the escaped chickens!!! and someone said pets were relaxing??? What is relaxing is my hand sewing, I am creating these little dolls from pretty scraps of fabric, I wont release them till I have a little collection and about 5 are in half way stages, so soon they will put on a show.  And after much asking I am getting off my lazy butt to the printers to make prints of my paintings so someone can own them.  Its hard for me to do something like this because Im used to doing the work, the idea of handing over a stick and getting back a stack of card and paper is not something I know, I was so confused about where to start and then there is talking the talk, paper weight, texture, size, logo, watermark....!!!...I dont know??? we will see what I come up with.

 Its getting darker earlier and that makes our afternoon walks eerily nice, the lighting before dusk is so calming and silent, I love it, and it helps little people to eat all their dinner when we get home.  I find cabin fever children are fussy eaters

I posted a while back about my passionfruit in the bathroom, which was amazing over summer, but now Im feeling its a little out of control and is reminding me of the little shop of horrors as it grabs at your hair when you are trying to pass, so I cut it back to at least head height.  and the difference it makes is wonderful, I have my bathroom back!

We spent the morning down the wharf with Poppa and his new boat, he is off to be a fisherman again. 

I love this because it shows Indi another world and we get to go down the wharf and watch him unload after his trips.  It reminds me of old times when me and Kel first were together, he was a fisherman and never here

I loved getting a txt that he was coming in for a few nights and would be the maiden waiting at the wharf for his boat to dock.  We drank alot back then so would party up for a few days and then he was gone again.  Of course this life style wore pretty thin and I was super lonely and wanted to run away over seas again so he stopped fishing and we moved to our fam in a caravan to start 'living' our life 'together'

And now look where the road leads you, educating our little munchy about the wonders of our world and all the good things to come, its been pretty good with all the ups and downs in between.

I hope this post finds everyone happily and that a few of you have gone and used your leaves from my last post, we are off to the beach to collect sticks for a very special little girl.

sending love and guidance wishes your way



  1. It's so great! I also agree life shows you what you need when you need it... but sometimes it's hard to see it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Oh my! What do I say again, that is more than I have already ever said to you? I'm so happy that you are in the "balance" at this's great to see your smiley face...keep writing....much love to you, xoxox juner

  3. what a magical, amazing experience you had! I loved reading about it. things like that are so incredibly special and reading of yours reminds me of a few of mine over the years. thank you for that :)
    I loved reading the entire post and think your new banner looks great!!!

  4. Hello, Sheree
    I love the passionfruit vine in your is very magical to have something so very lovely growing inside your home.
    And I was moved by your post about your 'reading'. It is amazing that there are gifted people who can 'feel' exactly who we are...when sometimes WE don't even know who we are. It is a blessing to find someone who can help to guide your inner being.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    warm wishes,
    Teresa in California

  5. Oh, Darling Sheree!

    What a wonderful post full of hope and amazement and healthy reflection!

    ...the talk of new projects and new possibilities.....fresh ideas and exciting secrets yet to be revealed :)

    Your smile is contagious...your spirit giving and light....your friendship, cherished :)

    I love the new Header.....might have to break out the 'ol sheet on the ground!

  6. Yes, Sheree - I am reading your posts backwards. LOL It is my desperate attempt to catch up. Anyhow, what a wonderful trade for you - and so telling. I'm glad the reading was a positive experience for you. Adore the passionfruit in your bathroom. Guess what? I am going to "try" (the operative word here being try) to grow a little mini lemon tree in the house. How wonderful it will be to have my own fresh lemons. Wish me luck, dear friend. :) xoxo Theresa


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