Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Madness

I am feeling so busy and its one of those times when everything is at a half way stage so I feel like I have nothing to show you yet, but soon, ohh so soon, there will be masses.  How is everyone placed at the moment, there is some intense eclipse movement coming up with this new moon on Thursday, 3 eclipses to be exact, and I am feeling the pressure.  There are alot of people I have found who are not even aware that they are effected by the moons movements, some people arent at all effected and have calm lives, while us other people live in a wave of constant change with the ebb and flow of the world.  If I could bottle how I felt two Wednesdays ago, I would be set, it was an amazing day, and people even said I looked different, thats when you know its real, when it shines thru the outside.

Shining on the Outside
So thats what I want to concentrate on and help other with too, there are so many art e-courses online but I am having trouble finding a female soul searching happiness based one that really connects with me and where I am right now.  I have been doing so much of my own work for the past few years and with amazing results that I thought it was about time to share with more of you and not just my close friends.  And free too, why does everything cost so much, I understand we all require money, and I congratulate everyone who is making their living thru this wonderful service but along with doors opening when you have money, there are alot here that are closed because you dont have any!  I want to keep my door always open to all of you.  Stay tuned, I hope to start next week!, I say hope because as soon as I promise something my time for it evades me, any one else finds that!

One of the projects that is taking alot of my time is the planning and getting everything made and ready for a fun day.  Its the time of year when I thirst for fun and tea both together in one glorious day. Its the Annual "Mad Tea Party" hosted by the beautiful Vanessa Valencia from 'A Fanciful Twist'.  Im so looking forward to this year, I love what I have planned so much, and hope you will too

This year my party is at a 150 year old haunted house, Im sure you remember it from many posts I have done like here

The gate is open, it beckons us in..

Plain and silent today, but ohh you wait!

spring flowers will be there although its Autumn??

and it may rain off and on...

but secrets lay behind this door

stories that may remain hidden but may also be told

Im sending wishes of a beautiful day to everyone taking part..

pure dainty prettiness as well as complete madness, what a mixture, sounds like me before an eclipse!!!! eekk!!

Visit here to join the fun and have a party too

Im off to take half way thru photos of everything Im working on, be back soon!

Hope its sunny for you like it is for me!

lots of love



  1. Yours will be the first party I visit!

  2. I found you through the tea party links and can not wait to see what you are planning. Blessings. Betsy

  3. Magic and mystery awaits! I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve ;D

  4. I cannot wait to come to your tea party! You share such beautiful magic! Jessi xox

  5. So excited that you will be participating in the party. I haven't a CLUE as to what I'm going to do. Fancy that? I'm sure I'll come up with something in time. LOL xoxo


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