Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome To Wild Woman Journeys

Welcome To Wild Woman Journeys

Why Do I Bring This Here, Why Now?
Somewhere in our pasts there was a time when women were wild, free creatures living their lives by their knowledge, endless power and intuition. They were filled with a worldly knowing that only a female could hold. The world was still as unsettled as today, but we were held differently. We knew who we were and that in itself gave us the ability to be free and confident in the natural world we lived. When I gave birth to my daughter I was transported back to this wild time. As I finally birthed my last vision was that I was a crouching woman with huge brown hair gripping the bottom of a tree, we roared together in a moment, a connection between our worlds, I felt I was in her body and she in mine, I knew this woman was me. I had revisited my wild past, birth had opened a door that was to remain open until I had put the knowledge I was about to learn into place, about returning to myself in a raw state, about being the wild u-tamed woman inside before she had been moulded and turned into the woman I saw before me. Here is what I had to learn on my journey and I wish to share it with others. If you feel a connection with Wild Woman Journeys, please use it as you want.

Every 2 weeks covers a different topic, which concentrates on inner changes, insights and work, nothing too heavy unless you want it to be!

Posted throughout the two weeks will be....

My writings - what I feel is important about the topic, lessons to share

My experience - a little story

Affirmations - affirmations which I suggest you use either verbally whenever you remember or leave it written somewhere to read, or write your chosen ones out each night 10x, they help make shifts in our thought process which then makes shifts in our cells so the affirmations become our new truths.

Guided Meditation - this can be listened to whenever you have a window of silence to use, I want to take you on a journey inside yourself, to unlock doors, solve problems, gain clarity and make changes. Guided meditation is way easier than silent meditation, if you can let yourself go and visualize, you will create the change you want to see in yourself.

Challenges - nothing too wild I promise unless you want it, just little things you can do to put these thoughts into action. Some people are more into physical acts, and these you can do with kids too

Artistic Creation - there is nothing like creating something with a little intention and seeing where it takes you, so a tutorial on the artistic journey

Wild Woman Challenge - something that takes you instantly deep, some of you would rather keep away from the dark side of ourselves, but for those who want more lets do it "with great pain comes great change"

Quotes - I love sending out others words of wisdom for you to benefit

Questionnaire - some questions you may want to ask yourself about the subject

I'm not sure how I need to present this but I feel I just need to get it out there and stop waiting, I encourage you to post about your experiences and leave a comment on the Wild Womans Journey post with a link to your page so we can can connect and all learn form each other, all the Wise Wild Women together.
You are learning through my experiences and I would love to learn through yours.

I hope you enjoy your time here
experiencing your return on your  
'Wild Woman Journey'
reclaiming your original


  1. Wow - this sounds amazing,Sheree. Congrats on getting it started - I hope that many will be able to grow and share.

  2. I can't wait to see how this unfolds... Jessi

  3. I am so excited to join in and reclaim my inner wild woman. :)


  5. We women have a deep, primal connection and when we stop talking about it and actually start doing it, we can generate great change. I look forward to each presentation and am excited about what I can do in my own neck of the woods to get the energy moving. Can you feel the great pull of energy as it draws itself back before surging forward in a great tidal wave of WilD Women? I can!

  6. I've been reading these posts backwards...and I'm so excited to read them again much goodness and sunshine and strength....

    What a journey!


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