Friday, September 2, 2011

Crafting A Little Goddess

The sun was shining on this wintery day and I decided to sit on my bed in the warmth, peacefulness and absolute quiet and just MAKE something...
not for a challenge, not to sell, not a gift or treasure for my daughter to destroy and not because it was planned in advance
just sit and create something for ME.

I drew a Goddess....
she held the world inside her and had the mind of absolute wisdom and remembered knowledge.
I gathered some bits, a bead, a stick, a bracelet, crystals, indian stamps, dimantes and a special paper clay my wonderful friend Cameron had sent me from USA.

aAs I sat she came to life over an hour of meditative bliss, I got lost in the moulding and relaxed more than I do in my relaxation work!
She is perfect to me

for some reason when I sculpt womens faces they are always Aztec looking, when I do men they are 100% American Indians...does anyone else find this repeated style??  It feels I have no idea how to do anything else no matter how much I try to squish out those facial features.
Now I just let it be.
She has an Amythest in her crown, to channel all her wisdom, a Turquoise coloured third eye...

and holds a terminated Quartz in her Solar Plexus to radiate all that energy to the world.  I sculpted her in a bracelet so she had a level defined base...and of course its Beautiful India made.

the thing with sculpting in white is how purely she emerged, so pristine..
I find making anything with a face is an overwhelming crafting experience, you have created a person where before you held only resources and potential....but now someone is here and they have manifested thru you...If I had sculpted a leaf or shape it would never have held a space like this human form has...I have created life...
Very Frankenstein maybee?? "Its Alive!!" 

I took my Goddess to my Ladies Art Night and spent the whole night painting her in water colours, at first it was hard to destroy the pure whiteness I was used to seeing her as, but as I moved to the next stage it became very satisfying to see the new colourful Goddess emerging. I also used gold leafing which makes everything it touches come alive : )

For the patterns I used my tiny Indian Metal Bindi Stamps

and down her back she has chakras

When do I use her??
She sits on our Collection Table or Alter some might say, its the place where all the daily treasures we find are placed and all the bits we love are displayed.
Today I took her outside to help me with some garden healing.
Because I am doing the 'Goddess Haven Course' over at 'Goddess Guidebook' I have been cleansing and healing all the spaces in our life and one I really wanted to work on is our garden.  We only eat our own veges and a friends down the road so this space sustains and nurtures us probably more than any other.  I give back as much as I can, with  manure mmmm and plenty of seaweed and fish sprays and natural ground powders.  We adore our garden and send it heaps of love.  So when Goddess Leonie taught us about Crystal Gridding as part of the course I knew this was perfect to raise the energy of my healing garden space.

I blessed my crystals with my goddess's presence and then planted them in the dirt in a grid to raise energy.  Turquoise is perfect for garden energy and is great for healing and energising plants, the Quartz is used as the energiser centre and reflects the energy everywhere.

I set the intention to not only raise the energy of the food we will eat but to create a space that soothes your body as well when you are in the garden, clam the mind, be happy etc.
Since then I have let the garden rest and have not worked in it all week, so we will see what this weekend brings!!

I will be involving my Goddess in many more things Im sure.
I know she will now watch over all the crafts I make to keep my intentions true and enlightened,
more about crafting for others pleasure
rather than money$$$
I sure do need an ETSY makeover with some new stock!

Happy September to All
Im waiting till the 23rd to Celebrate the Spring Equinox with the moon so I still have 20 more days of this amazing Winter to dance in, it has been the best Winter I can ever remember, so sunny and dry!

Love to All.
Especially those in the North getting your bits ready for Halloween!
One day I will visit you and join in!



  1. I would love to have you here!!!!

    Look at the powerful, beautiful goddess, Sheree! I am overjoyed that the paperclay transformed into such a being, with an amazing purpose, in your hands....

    She is radiant, like you....
    It is so hard to get away from trying to make things with others in mind...creating for oneself is the ultimate in living one's dreams, I'd say...
    .....and you are my hero in all things :D

    Much love and light to you,

  2. She is so beautiful. I always love these little trips into your world Sheree.

  3. Oh I love your goddess! She is so beautiful. What a lovely lot of love you bring to the world!

  4. Beautiful, I just love when creating turns to meditation, something wonderful always comes from it :)

  5. Sheree, the goddess you crafted is absolutely beautiful. She is radiating love and positivity. I am most delighted that September is here. The summer wasn't really a great one - looking forward to new possibilities in the fall.

  6. Hello dear Sheree! You are a Goddess Divine! :) I love your new Goddess Creation - she is amazing, lovely and magical.

    Back to School next week - and now we are having our last days of summer.

    Hugs to you and wish you could come north in the states to visit! :)

    Lady B

  7. Oh wow, she is stunning! I can feel the magic in your photographs. I feel most inspired to make my own garden goddess, thank you for sharing such wonderful creativity.

  8. I love your Goddess, She is so beautiful!


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