Monday, January 23, 2012

Gypsy Queen Collection First Photos


Here we are now
I have worked for weeks making clothing that I love, and everyone who has been in the presence of them feels the love too.
I don't recall a time when what I was doing felt this right,
have I even been here before??
I have done stuff I love sure, but there has always been a niggling feeling of negativity somewhere about something being not quite right.
and here...
its nothing but bliss and happiness
this is it
this is me

take a look and see

There is a lot of recycled elements in this collection so where you see something reloved, like the cut off shorts, peticoat dresses or anything dyed, its all one off, not repeated exactly, the other tops and skirts are all made in small meduim and large.
All feather earings are singles and leather is hand cut by me, usually in front of a very overused DVD, my favorites for this collection were Eat Pray Love, Chocolat, Hideous Kinky and Stealing Beauty.
Feather earings are also free range, meaning that the feathers used were from my loved animals, who had amazing lives with me here in paradise, happy chooks make happy earings!

SO still more to come, this is the first photo shoot, we still have
long sleeve tops
hair tassels
more skirts
more dye!! more more more!
leather and lace bags too
I wish days were twice as long and I had twice as much energy to go with that!

hope you enjoyed
see you back with the second lot
Everything will be released in my ETSY shop February 1st.

Thankyou to my wonderful Makeup Artist and Accessoriser Extraordinaire Yani, my Wardrobe and Photography Assistant Netta and my two beautiful models, Tristian and Crystal.
We make an amazing team.

What a wicked ride!

wishing everyone some of this sun


  1. This is amazing! Wish I was closer! These pictures of your creation are a delight.
    Thank you! :)

  2. I love the Tee's I've been inspired to take some of my old tee's and do that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow these look gorgeous. You should feel so proud of yourself for creating such lovely clothes. Saw so many things that I'd love to wear.


  4. love them all... can't wait for them to be offered in February... good for you girl.. glad to see so much of you being put into such things.. and the fact you are willing to share it all with us is just an extra blessing....

  5. Oh, you happy, busy little Bee!!! I'm elated that you found something that drives you, fulfills you and thrills you like designing does!

    These are wonderful....and look amazing on your beautiful models!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the collection....and more!!


  6. Beautiful collection! Love the feather earrings :D

  7. Love the new collection. So natural and earthy. What wonderful inspired creations. Divine showing thru in all you do!

  8. Wonderful Sheree! You are amazing, I can't believe how much you've done in such a little time, and those photos are superb. I do love that mustard yellow skirt!

  9. Your clothing line is amazing. Loving all those feathers and those pretty dresses. Wishing you all the best in this juicy creative clothing venture.

  10. Oh my! I just don't have the right words to express how your beautiful things touch me and my girls! Gloria loves the purple dresses and Hayley and Gloria love the feather earrings and I, I LOVE the ankle bracletts! You say they will be out Feb 1? Well isn't that awesome cause thats when I get my refund money! Yay! And this Feb 29 is Gloria's sweet 16 birthday, won't those dresses make a perfect gift?(besides the car?)Thank you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with us the world!

  11. Wow, Sheree. All of your clothing designs and accessories are so lovely and quite fitting for gypsy queens. Your photos are breathtaking, too. I wish you LOADS of success with this, Sheree! xoxo

  12. Your collection is amazing!!! Love the pieces! Now show me the store hehe



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