Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saying goodbye to Christmas

I always enjoy putting away the Christmas decorations as much as hanging them out.
When your getting ready for Christmas its so exciting decorating, shopping, planning feasts, songs on the radio, praying for a scorching sunny day and thinking of all the gifts that people will be unwrapping.
 Everyone loves a well thought out present that reflects their exact personality, it makes you realise that the gifter really thought about you.

But there is something even more exciting about taking it all down and realising the giving and receiving has dissolved and its time to get on with the year. There is so much to do now, what will the year bring, who will we be, what will I create, what challenges will we face, what delightful surprise will greet us, will I discover a new passion or talent and what new food will I taste for the first time and wonder how I ever lived without it.  My daughter will grow and learn at lightening speed and make me laugh every day...and probably cry too!

The treasures are put away till the end of the year, when they will be brought out again and added to with our new glittered creations.
My ears are already pricked for the new 2010 Christmas list, listening to my family and friends talk about things they love and need.  I take my present giving very seriously and also the wrapping!

Its time to swap the Christmas Tree for the season shrine again.  So let the collecting of summer treats start, Im off to the beach to find shells and fluffy bunny tails xxx
Happy new year everyone, may the new moon in 5 days help all your wishes come true !

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  1. such beautiful decorations! i've yet to put mine away. i definitely like putting them up more than putting them away, but i love your perspective on it all!


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