Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daisy Disc Madness

I was invited down the drive for a girlie get together last night
Tea, biscuits and movies, all the kids asleep...bliss
After catching up with things over at 'A Fanciful Twist' yesterday, I had wool on my mind...What was I to do with my ever itching hands while I sat thru a movie????
The solution lay in wait in an old chocolate box in the Lady Cave...

I had aquired all of my late granmothers craft equipment and treasures years ago, there is so many wonderful things, i love it all and wonder if maybe I have her genes so intensely that we are the same person.  So I took along this cute little thing called a daisy disc, it looks like its a New Zealand invention.

A bag of wool ball leftovers and my disc packed into my floral 80s knitting bag and I was away.  Down the dusty farm track we call a drive and over the wire fence to watch girlie movies.

Two movies and a cup of tea later I had made 9 Daisies
I adore them, not only are they new but they are steeped in history too
Imagining that my grandmother sat in her green chair and used this exact same tool

This is how it works, you wind the wool over opposite hooks two or three times and move in a clockwise direction.  When thats all done, cut the wool with 50cm left over, thread on a needle and sew down one peg across two so you pop up on number four, go back and start one closer so you are always overlapping two,.....; ) that sounds so complicated!,  its easy!

When you have done it all the way round tie the two ends together, turn over the disc, use your needle to pop the petals off the pegs and you have a perfect ohh so pretty daisy.
What to do with these daisies??

Auntie Booboo brought Indi this cute hat so I sewed three darling daisies to the side and we went out for a fashion shoot....photographing toddlers!....sheesh.  but she looks beautiful.
Adorned in her 2nd hand hat with her antique heirloom mummy made flowers....what a treasure.

Im sure the daisy making will continue tonight and my child will be adorned from head to toe
happy summer days xxx

I couldnt resist putting in this last one, sweetness xxx

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